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In the Gospel today (13/8/18), Jesus announces to his followers that he will soon be put to death.

The narrative then jumps to an incident in Capernaum, where Peter is asked if Jesus has paid the annual temple tax, customary in Jewish law.

Jesus tells Peter he will find the sum of money for the tax in the mouth of a fish caught in the nearby lake. Jesus seeks to not offend the Jews so he provides for the tax to be paid. However, with the new relationship to the Father that Jesus offers the people, the temple tax is not high on his list of priorities.

What is of great significance, is the upcoming Passion and death of Jesus.

The Gospel today shows that some things are more important than others. Yet courtesy and kindness are important Christian attitudes to embrace in dealing with issues of lower priority to us in our lives.

Lord Jesus,

Help us to see what is truly important in our lives today,

And to deal with every situation with kindness and compassion.


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