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Don’t be afraid to say hello

Technology plays a huge and important role in society today. The advent of internet communication, social media and advances in the medical sciences are but a few results of a growing technological prowess exhibited by humankind. Technology has no moral status, it is neither good nor bad. What we do with technology and the role it plays in our lives does present the opportunity to ask ourselves “Is this a good use of my time?”

We have never been more ‘connected’. Our mobile devices can communicate with each other from across the globe in seconds. Indeed, it is harder today to be uncontactable than it is to be contactable. It is important to bear in mind that face to face interaction is of equal, if not greater importance to our well-being. A conversation with someone ‘in the flesh’ can provide a level of comfort, company and fulfilment that virtual contact may lack. We worship a God who became flesh. God chose to become human, and in that act, says something pivotal to us about the human condition and presence to one another.

When we speak of the mystery of the Holy Trinity, we contemplate one God, in which there are three persons; the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Our God; our Creator, our Redeemer and our Source of Life is a God joined in relationship. The three persons of the Holy Trinity are in constant communion with each other, wrapped in love through all eternity.

We believe we are created in the image and likeness of God. If this is so, relationships with each other, on the physical, personal level are of great benefit to us, as our God is relationship and perfect love. A smile to a loved one or a stranger can have tremendous power. A kind word can change someone’s day. A reassuring embrace can instil hope. This week perhaps we could give a little bit more time to conversation and presence with one another, and thus share in the Divine love of our God.

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