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Christ the King

Gospel Reflection for the Feast of Christ our King

November 26th. – Whatever you do for each other….

Next Sunday we begin the Season of Advent; our time of preparation for Christmas. Therefore this Sunday marks the end of our current liturgical year. Before we begin the Season of Advent, we are asked to reflect upon Christ our King. When Jesus was asked by Pilate if he was a king, Jesus said that he was a king. So, what sort of king was Jesus?

He was born in a small, poor and unimportant village. His parents were not famous, powerful or wealthy. His first visitors were the poorest of people; shepherds. He never wrote a great novel. Her didn’t eat or associate with rich or powerful people. He never led an army into battle. He did ask people to take up their cross and follow him. He didn’t surround himself with politicians, soldiers or bankers.  He did sit and eat with people who were usually despised, ignored and rejected. He reached out to embrace those others saw as worthless and as sinners. He didn’t live in a castle surrounded by maids or servants. He did spend his time with the poor, the sick, the broken and all those who were in need of love, healing and compassion. He didn’t own anything. He didn’t have any riches or wealth that the world thought much of; but he did share his greatness possession with us; God’s love.

The shepherd that is described in the first reading is the king we are asked to follow. This shepherd is one who is caring and compassionate towards us. This shepherd looks for the lost, bandages the wounded and makes the weak strong. This is the shepherd and king we are asked not only to follow, but whose life and example we are asked to live by. Just as he looks after and cares for each of us, so we in turn are to care for each other.

Where are we to look for and find Jesus our king today? Jesus is to be found in the hungry, the thirsty, the naked, the homeless, the poor, the rejected and those in prison. We are to turn our attention to each other if we are to find Jesus. This gospel and great feast asks us to draw on the presence of Christ who dwells within each of us so we can reach out to Christ in others, especially those who are poor and those who are in any kind of need.

This gospel is not about some unknown time in the future. This gospel is about each of us and how we follow Jesus here and now. The amazing thing is that on this Feast of Christ our King, both the first reading and the gospel speak about others who need our help and support. Whatever we do to and for each other, we do to and for Jesus. So if we open our hearts as well our eyes we will see Christ the King in everyone we meet.

Jesus is a King and we are his brothers and sisters. Therefore we belong to a royal household. May we treat each other with the dignity and respect they deserve; as princes and princesses of a royal family. As one of the early popes said, Christian, be aware of your dignity and nobility, it is God’s own life that you share.

  • Michael Moore OMI
  • https://oblates.ie/gospel-reflection-feast-christ-king/
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